EastOver Press publishes books by emerging and established writers. We focus on collections of short stories, essays, or poetry, though we are open to hybrid forms and genre expanding work. We seek to publish work in a format that honors both the writing and the writer.

Cutleaf is an online literary journal published by EastOver Press. We welcome unsolicited and unpublished original poetry, short stories, essays, and other nonfiction from established and emerging writers. We are very unlikely to publish genre fiction, young adult fiction, teen paranormal romance, erotica, science fiction, comics, or graphics-based short stories.

We consider simultaneous submissions with the understanding that you will quickly inform us if a piece is accepted by another publication. We read and respond to manuscripts on a rolling basis and strive to respond to every submission in a timely manner. If you have not heard from us within three months, send us a query via email. Please do not send additional submissions until you’ve heard back from us.

Please limit submissions to two per reading period.

The reading period for the 2022 publication year will begin Sept 1, 2021. 

Cutleaf will pay from $100 to $400 for prose and from $50 to $100 for poetry per poem. All fees collected for submissions go towards payments for writers. 

Cutleaf acquires non-exclusive first serial rights throughout North America to publish work in all editions of Cutleaf, wherever published and distributed, including hard copy and electronic formats. Writers receive credit of authorship in accordance with customary practice of Cutleaf. We reserve the right to make any work that we’ve published available in the Cutleaf archives on our website. Should a piece first published in Cutleaf be reprinted in another work, we request the later publication include an acknowledgment of Cutleaf.

Work published online in Cutleaf may be chosen for inclusion in the Cutleaf Anthology published at the end of every calendar year.

Both EastOver Press and Cutleaf seek work that responds to our common experience and reflects our differences. We are interested in work by all writers, especially those historically underrepresented in literary publishing.

Cutleaf is interested in essays of many forms but we prefer a narrative and literary approach to the essay. 

We do not limit our point of view to the merely factual, but welcome new approaches such as speculative nonfiction, essays based in metaphor, essays in verse, and other re-imaginings of the format. We welcome work about literature, travel, music, food, visual art, and film.  

We welcome humor. We invite collaborative work. 

We are not interested in polemics, position statements, or editorials. 

We will consider nonfiction of many lengths, though we generally publish work from 1500 to 6000 words. Longer work must be exceptionally compelling.

Prose submissions should be double-spaced, use page numbers, and in a standard 12-point font such as Times New Roman. Please upload your entire submission as one file. Be sure to include your name and mailing address on the first page. Please do not submit more than twice during a single reading period. 

Cutleaf will pay from $100 to $750 for published prose. 

EastOver Press & Cutleaf Journal